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Only a dental professional can get your teeth the whitest.

Smilelux combines the latest in teeth whitening technology along with our user-friendly designs, giving you the best possible whitening experience.

  • Maximum strength gel in accordance with New Zealand standards.
  • Carefully formulated with Sodium fluoride and Potassium nitrate to strengthen enamel and minimize sensitivity.
  • Clinically proven results.

Melody Shewan (BHSc)

I am a qualified Oral Health Therapist registered with the NZ Dental Council, licensed to deliver the most advanced tooth whitening procedures. I have been working in the dental industry for over 12 years in both the public and private sectors and love improving the smiles of my clients.

As a registered dental practitioner I have:

  • Access to the most powerful professional strength products and advanced technology available.
  • Expert knowledge to ensure your comfort and safety.
  • The knowledge to assess your current state of dental health and can advise the best way to whiten your teeth. 

I have tried and tested most teeth whitening systems and products on the market and I am delighted to bring to you a system that has been extensively developed to deliver the best possible whitening results.